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Imagery is a particularly powerful way to access the powers of place, and we have been blessed with contributions from an extraordinarily talented bunch of photographers in putting together this site. With warm gratitude, we offer the space for a few words from each of them, if they choose.

Rodrigo Alonso (banner & image for People section)

Ria Baeck (throughout the site & video)
"I don't really take pictures - it is the colors, shapes, forms, moments that 'take' me... I watch to see how they each add their part to telling the story of what is going on in front of me..."

Ingrid Brand, Denmark (default profile image in the Field)

Alan Briskin (the redwoods in "places" and the video)

Joanna Brown (caterpillar on "an Invitation")

Sheryl Erickson

Debbie Freize

Flickr "creative commons" photographers

Dragonflysky (curled "shell" leaf in "interviews")
Ecstaticist (flower image from home page)
fd (fiddlehead fern on video)
Martin Gommel (on video)
Krassy Can Do It (red leaf in Questions2)
Tanakawho (spirals on video)
Tassie Sim (purple flower on "acknowledgements")

Martin Haesemeyer (spiral staircase on "scope of project")

Amy Lenzo
"I use photography to propigate the experience of beauty and deep soulful connection with the natural world that I have when I look through my camera lens. As sacred art, the purpose of my work is to catalyze that same love and connection in the viewer."

Tim Merry (maze photo in the Bibliography page)

John Miles (taj mahal in "about" & on video)

John Ott (caterpillar in "new questions")

Sarah Whitely (hortensia in Quotes6)

Bob Stilger (child and adult in the forest in Tools)


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