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Place-based Education

Levels of Presence
Christopher Alexander
(download pdf - 28k)

Powers of Place
Awareness Tool
(download pdf - 64k)

Proposed Essential Patterns of Place
a draft by Sheryl Erickson and Tom Callanan



teaching in partnership with place
photo by Bob Stilger

The tools and materials offered here have been created or suggested by practitioners in the field of human/place relationship. They offer a concrete way to experiment with what works to assist you in your efforts to raise awareness about powers of place.

Some are are intended specifically for those who want to teach or guide others using principles of people and place reciprocity, and they are all gathered from the research and ideas coming to us through the work of the Initiative.

Please use and enjoy these resources, and let us know what your experience is  to help us refine and enhance them through our collective use and reflections. If you have a practice, activity, technology or tool you’ve had success with, please contact us to share it.



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