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Project for Public Places
Christopher Alexander

The Relationship of Place & Environment, Collective Intention and Quality of Outcomes
Fetzer Institute

The People/Place Map
PoPI Stewards

Research Lenses
Renee Levi

Collective Resonance
Shifting Factors

Renee Levi


star flower
photo by Amy Lenzo

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We have collected a gallery of graphics, maps, models, and other visual representations that capture and summarize innovative thinking about the powers of place and our human relationship with them. As a teaching tool or other academic or professional aid, or simply as a framework for understanding and articulating the idea, these images are offered here as resources to enhance your own efforts.

If have other powerful graphs, maps or models you’d like to share, or if you have stories about the ways in which you’ve used these or others to benefit others, please contact us and tell us about them.



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