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secret gardenThank you for your interest in The Powers of Place Initiative! We welcome the opportunity to connect with you. There are a variety of ways to be in touch:

If you just want to say "hi" or have general inquiries, please contact us via email at:

If you manage a place that should be included in PlaceBook or have a story to share on StoryPlace, please either add them directly, or contact the appropriate coordinator below with your contribution.

If you have a specific question you'd like help with or if you would like to be in contact with us in relation to a particular area of the Powers of Place project, please contact the person associated with that area of inquiry (listed below), and they will be happy to respond.

If you would like to offer a recommendation for a person, organization, or resource (book, tool, article, website, etc.) that you think should be part of the Powers of Place Initivative project in some way, please write to us via email at, and include all the relevant details of your recommendation.

See the Stewards page for a full listing of The Powers of Place Initiative stewards and their contact details.

Project Coordinator: Sheryl Erickson
Research Coordination: Renee Levi
Trans-Local Stewardship Coodination: Maria Scordialos & Sarah Whitely
StoryPlace Coordination: Karen Speerstra
PlaceBook Coordination: Sheryl Erickson
Website: Amy Lenzo
"The Field" Coordination: Amy Lenzo, Ria Baeck & Karen Speerstra
Administration: Rebecca Norlander