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Ria Baeck

Tom Callanan

Sheryl Erickson

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Tom Hurley

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Renee Levi

Rebecca Joy Norlander

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tom hurley

Rebecca Joy Norlander

What is your role in the Powers of Place Initiative?
I offer help and support to the stewards and wider community in whatever way I am able, including a variety of administrative and maintenance tasks.

Where do you have most passion in this endeavor?
I think that Powers of Place represents an amazing opportunity to learn from people and their respective experiences. I have a passion for education and believe that both teaching and learning are place-based phenomena. I also love to travel and it has been a privilege to encounter people around the world interacting with the places they have cultivated. Traveling offers the chance to re-examine the relationship with one's own home and community - essentially, what it is that makes us who we are. There is a fundamental truth at work - learning how to articulate and appreciate the value and meaning of place enriches the human experience.