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rowingOur working hypothesis at the Powers of Place Initiative is that transformative power becomes available when people and places are in right relationship with each other. Thus, research at the Powers of Place research is focused on advancing emergent knowledge about what can happen when people relate to place in particular and more conscious ways, and creating writing that can be a resource for others.

In this section you can learn about some of the research inquiries already underway and explore new questions waiting to be explored; you can listen in on conversations with leading thinkers in the field, and find ways to further explore your own areas of interest.

We encourage leading edge inquiry from many disciplines and perspectives and hope that no matter which direction you are approaching this work you'll consider contributing your own wisdom to our research and explorations.

Follow your instincts and your own curiosity to expland what we have discovered here - we invite you to contact us with suggestions for research projects you would like to be part of, or start a working group in the Field to explore your ideas with others. Together we may evolve perspectives that can be valuable contribution to a more productive and connected future.