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maria scordialos in Israel

Maria Scordialos

What is your role in the Powers of Place Initiative?
I am a one of the stewards of the Initiative which means listening the deeper levels of potential that are wishing to become manifest and acting as appropriate to support this to happen. I am also holding the co-ordination of the Connecting aspect of the Initiative offering guidance where needed to create connection between people and places. Lastly, I am a steward of a place, Axalditsa Avatakia, in Pelion, Greece, and through this experience I bring my knowing of place and the power that emerges when we, humans come into intentional relationship with place.

Where do you have most passion in this endeavor?
My passion is threefold: (1) to learn what is possible for our world if we are in intentional relationship with place, (2) to co-create practices with others from sharing what I know from stewarding a place of power, (3) to connect people and places so that what we know individually can be amplified by creating new collective intelligence that can be of service to our world.