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sarah whiteley in Axiladitsa

Sarah Whiteley

What is your role in the Powers of Place Initiative?
I am a Steward of the Initiative, in particular, stewarding the subtler elements of being in relationship with land. For example, bringing the practice of listening to place so that it can be a participant in human endeavor. I am also part of connecting people and places so that a world-wide network emerges. I too am a steward of Axladitsa-Avatakia in Pelion, Greece, and bring my practice of this to the Initiative.

Where do you have most passion in this endeavor?
My passion rests most strongly in (1) the subtle arts: the exploration of the powers held in the non-material and energetic fields, and inviting conscious inclusion and participation with this – through practices such as collective sourcing, the art of protection, and the art hosting meaning in place (2) connecting and inspiring stewards of different places in the world to create a trans-local curriculum, capturing the collective intelligence held in peoples’ local practice and experience.