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purpose and scope

photo by Martin-Haesemeyer
photo by Martin Haesemeyer

Our work falls into three main areas of activity - research, or exploring new frontiers, resources, or providing tools, and connection, or amplifying the field.

Our research combines disciplines and develops theories in order to provide new perspectives and build a knowledge base for the field that refines all of our understandings about and action toward the transformative power of place. We feature work being done by cross-disciplinary practitioners and scholars in this emergent field, and conduct interviews and seeded conversations with leading innovators and other practitioners to explore meaningful questions and reflect on their insights.

Our rich array of resourses combine the best theory, research, methods, and practice to create an array of educational materials and professional tools, including curricula, models and maps, a library of relevant literature, and a listing of aligned individuals and organizations - all valuable materials that can support your efforts to engage place in the work of transformation.

We connect by hosting meaningful dialogues in telephone, in-person, and electronic formats and we maintain an interactive community platform called the Field to foster innovative new ways to communicate, collaborate and "be" with one other. Both the website and Field have been designed intentionally to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment that supports interactive exploration and deep connections among those drawn to this work.

We invite you to participate in this work and share your own research, ideas, resources, and practices - come join us in the Field, or simply contact us with your interests and suggestions.


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