circle of people in a pool the field
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circle of people in a pool
photo by Rodrigo Alonso

An emerging field of study is in many ways defined by the people who inhabit the field, in their work and day-to-day lives. Until these people gather together and discover one another they may not realize the commonality they share with others and the beliefs, values and intentions that bind them together.

In this section on the people of the Powers of Place Initiative, we introduce the stewards who are the initial “holders” of this work and the growing list of colleagues who are gathering in the Powers of Place Field from all over the world. These people share a belief in the powers of place and all are doing exciting work we think you will be interested in.

We know that it “takes a village” to research and develop the field we are introducing in the Powers of Place Initiative. If you see yourself contributing to this work in some way – if you too share our perspective and see a related area of focus in your own life or work, or if you are part of an organization that does – we invite you to join us in the Field, or contact us to see how you can be part of this inititiative.