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family in archwayAll our work at the Powers of Place is dedicated to helping to develop our relationship with the powers of place, and to that purpose we have gathered a large array of resources including studies written by the Powers of Place research team, a comprehensive list of written resources, quotes, links to aligned individuals and organizations and a tool kit of educational and professional tools, graphics and maps. These materials combine the best information, research, practice and experience that we have generated from the activities of the Initiative to date.

Our intention in making this suite of resources available is to help transform the way you as scholars and practitioners relate to place, space and the environment and to facilitate groups of people everywhere as they strive to make our world a better place to live. We hope they will be helpful to you in your own work, and that you will want to help us use, test, and add to them. As always, if you have ideas for resources we've left out or would like to offer resources you have developed, please contact us and share your ideas.