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dreaming ceremony by Alan Briskin
photo by Alan Briskin

Whenever people gather — for a meeting, important conversation, healing experience or just to create something new, it is our belief that the place and surrounding of the gathering place affects the quality of the experience and its outcomes.

Transformational meeting places can be found on all of the continents and in all cultures. The power and influence of these transformational meeting places is directly related to the consciousness, intention and social interactions of those who convene and facilitate meetings in these spaces, and those who are responsible for their care and keeping.

Our PlaceBook is a searchable listing of a number of these special gathering places. They are a diverse group and have been recommended to us by people with first-hand experience of them. They represent many countries and continents, as well as a variety of intentions for their offerings. What they share is a commitment to exist in right relationship with the land and communities within which they are embedded.

If you are looking for a place to host an event or special gathering you are planning, we invite you to search our PlaceBook using the search criteria that will find the perfect match. Each place can partner with you to achieve the outcomes you desire from your gathering if you are willing to listen and work with it.

Do you know of a place that should be included in the Powers of Place PlaceBook? If so, please contact us and share it. We would love to have a look.